Hot Wheels Turbine Twister Track Set Product Review


Check out this new Turbine-Loop feature! Mattel often re-issues their track sets with different themes. We see the same parts with different designs. In this track set, we get a brand new stunt!

Instead of the typical batter-operated boosters, this one is kid-powered! OK, in this case, it is adult powered. The turbine is cranked up and it propels the racers around the track. It takes a bit of timing but you can get multiple cars on the track going at one time.

You can let the cars crash in the intersection or you can lift up a jump and the cars will pass over each other. That is some nice fore-thought on Mattel’s part. It would have been nice if the parts weren’t designed in such a way to limit them to being used with this set but as long as the set works as designed, I’m a happy camper.

Without a doubt, I can recommend this set as it works! The manual turbine means that the little ones are actually doing something rather than watch cars go around a track. As the cars slow down, they can crank it back up while they are still in motion.

$25 USD, found at Toys R Us and I think I seen it at Target too.

Solar Reflex cam in the set. The other models used in this review are Fast Felion, Golden Arrow, Swoopy Do, 40 Somthin’, Ultra Rage, Power Rage, Syncro, Dieselboy, and Drift Tech.

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