Clean & Dry Daily Intimate Wash V/S V Wash /Product/Review


Today I am going to show the comparison between clean & Dry intimate wash v/s Vwash.

U can buy these products by directly clicking on below links

Vwash 100 ml –

Vwash 200 ml –

Vwash 200 ml + wipes –

Travel pack rs 90 –

Wipes –

C&D 100 ml-

C&D pack of 2 –

C&D pack of 4( cream+ form+wash+powder)-

C&D wash+ Form Pack-

C&D wash 100 ml-

C&D Form-

Tropic: comparison between clean & Dry intimate wash v/s Vwash.

Price C&D : 119 rs
Quantity: 100ml

Price V Wash- 160 rs
Quantity- 100 ml

1.You can use this product to clean your private part and also on under arms.
2. It prevents from itching and other private part problems
3. Its helps in lighten your underarms.

You can also buy this product from amazon:
C& D wash-

V Wash-

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