Which is the BEST all purpose cleaner?- car detailing product review


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Debating on what all purpose cleaner you need or wondering if you need a specific product for a specific application? Well the all purpose cleaner will take care of 80% of all your cleaning- both interior and exterior.

When I first start detailing, I would get a specific dashboard cleaner, leather cleaner, tire cleaner, etc… It was all a waste of money because you can easily and effectively use an APC cleaner for everything you need.

If you need to clean something super dirty, you can dilute the APC 1:1 or 4:1. If you need to clean something moderately dirty, you can dilute the cleaner to 10:1 or 20:1.

This means you can clean your tires, leather, cloth, headliner, plastic, engine, fenders, and just about everything else with your APC.

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Which all purpose cleaner is best?