Motorcycle Security Locks Product Review


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Having your motorcycle or ATV stolen is obviously a major bummer, but it’s an unfortunate fact of life these days. Some day, somewhere, some low life thief may try to jack your bike. The good news? There are tons of security options to help make his job a little more difficult.

Today we’re gonna review a few security lock options from OnGuard, one of the industry leaders in motorcycle and bicycle locks. We’re also going to show off an interesting lock option from RoadLok, a new name in the motorcycle lock field but one with some very cool ideas.

OnGuard’s locks typically are named after dog breeds and their entry level Boxer line serves up a few lightweight locks for those who are just looking for a little protection. The first lock we tried is OnGuard’s affordable 8mm pin standard disk lock. This model is a plunger-style lock and is designed to mount through a hole in your brake disk. Like most of OnGuard’s Boxer locks, it comes with a carrying case and a lanyard to remind you when the lock is in place. Also, OnGuard’s keyed locks come with 4 keys (one lighted) and a security code to order more keys should you space out and lose the other four.

Next up is the Boxer 10mm pin staple-style lock. With a little less space between lock components and a slightly beefier build, this model is a step up from our first lock tested. For even more protection, you can move on to the Boxer line’s horseshoe-style 16mm model. This lock is seriously thick and will be tough for any thief to break. It’s also got an open design allows for various mounting options on the front or rear wheels.

Continuing up the security ladder are OnGuard’s Pitbull and Rottweiler Series locks. These locks are for those folks who really need some serious theft deterrence, and they have the weight and size to prove it. The Pitbull U-lock is large enough to wrap around a bike’s front tire while also allowing space to connect to any fixed object. This model features a dust cover on the lock keyhole, and also comes with a safety lanyard. The Rottweiler cable lock features similar bulk to the Pitbull line, but uses a cable-style setup. This allows even more flexibility in terms of mounting options.

For the ultimate in OnGuard protection, you’re gonna wanna go with the Beast chain lock. This ridiculous lock system features a 12mm-thick, 3’7″ long chain coupled with a heavy-duty U-bolt lock. Just find a safe place to attach this lock to your bike and a secure object, and she ain’t going anywhere without some serious work. Nice features of the Beast include a nylon cover on the chain to prevent scratching, and the same multiple key set-up as the other OnGuard locks.

And now, for something completely different, we take a look at RoadLok’s lock system. This setup features a billet-style lock housing that mounts directly to your bike’s brake caliper, meaning the only thing you take with you after locking up is a small locking pin and the key. No more carrying around a heavy lock in your pocket or backpack when not in use. It’s actually quite smart and something that many OEM’s should consider. Mounting the system is a breeze. Simply remove your caliper bolts, and slide in the RoadLok system using the supplied spacers. Once hooked up, locking is completed by inserting the locking pin and removing the key.

We hope these locks show you just how many options there are for keeping your bike safe. No matter how much you want to spend, there are ways to help keep your bike in your garage and out of some thief’s van. Lock it up!