Inflatable Kayak SE-370 by Sea Eagle | Product Review | Portable & Lightweight Inflatable Kayak


Inflatable Kayak SE-370 “Pro Pacakge” by Sea Eagle | Product Review | Portable & Lightweight Inflatable Kayak for Travel & Easy Storage. The Sea Eagle 370 collapses & packs down to a fraction of its size for mobility & storage. This model can hold 3 people or 650lbs. It inflates to 12.5 feet long and weighs 30-40 pounds.
The Pro Package comes with:
– 2 inflatable movable seats (Deluxe seats version)
– 2 collapsible paddles
– Foot pump to inflate the kayak
– Repair kit
– Pressure gauge/monitor
– Carry bag with shoulder strap

Sea Eagle 370 Pro Package (with the Deluxe Seats):
Sea Eagle 330 Pro Solo Package (1-person version of kayak):
Electric Motor to assist with inflation:

The Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak has 3 Chambers – the floor, and two side chambers. It has 5 one-way valves – 3 for the main chambers and then one for each of the spray skirts. The material of the hull is sun and saltwater resistant. It is thick and strong, but still soft to the touch. Lots of people take their dogs kayaking in these inflatable kayaks and it holds up to their claws. Two skegs molded plastic skegs on the bottom provide better tracking and speed than some other inflatable kayaks. The floor is think and rigidty, using Sea Eagle’s “I-Beam Construction.”
The Deluxe seats each have two inflation chambers. The Deluxe seats vs. the normal seats have a different shape that helps with more back support as well as 5 inches of lift off the bottom of the kayak. They have adjustable straps to help with adjusting the support level, a durable covering, and a storage pouch in the back of the seat.

To setup the inflatable kayak, use the foot pump in the one-way valves. It takes about 10 mins to inflate the kayak this way, and the process can be sped along with another foot pump (& second person) or an electric pump. We like to use a battery-powered mattress pump to speed the process (See Deflation is also very easy; just unscrew the valves and start folding & rolling the kayak up to push out the remaining air.

Our Thoughts:
We have had this inflatable kayak for 6 months & we have really liked it. From a convenience standpoint, we love how it can easily be stored in our RV storage area and moved in our vehicle. It is super easy to set up, and we can be on the water in just a few minutes. It inflates and deflates quickly, and the size & weight make it easy for us to bring places. However, it is heavy and bulky enough that you’re not going to want to bring it backpacking 3 miles to your kayaking destination. Once inflated, it is very easy to carry with two people using the ropes along the spray skirts.

Performance-wise, it doesn’t feel like a toy. It tracks pretty well with the skegs, and inflatable kayaks tend not to do this. It does sit up out of the water more than a regular hard-sided kayak and is lighter, so it is more susceptible to being pushed by the wind. It is not as fast or maneuverable as a hard-sided kayak, but it isn’t terrible. It is pretty stable on the water and so far has held up to being dragged over rocky shorelines and stepped in without any signs of damage.

From a comfort standpoint, the Deluxe seats are definitely better for back support. The kayak can however be a little cramped for long-legged people. It says it can hold 3 people but honestly you’d be a little tight. There are no clips for the seats so they can shift a bit while you are paddling, but this hasn’t been a big issue for us.

The only issue we have had is the valves for the 3 main chambers can crush each other when rolled up & stored which can cause indents in the plastic seal. These can be taken out pretty easily by warming the plastic with a hair dryer and rubbing out the dents, but that’s not super convenient if you’re already at the lake and ready to go. But this is pretty minor.

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