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Chris and Casey Keefer hosts of Rival Wild and Dropped, are reviewing the Rambo bike a new motorized fat tire hunting bike to hit the market. In this hunting product review, the Keefer Brothers reveal that Rambo bikes provides a solution many hunters run into. Besides being a regular pedal bike that can traverse the tough terrain of hunting properties, Rambo bikes are motorized with the most powerful electric motor available.
The Rambo bike is a quiet, portable, and fast way to your hunting stand or trail camera site. The bike goes 20 mph on electric alone and can go for an outstanding 19 miles. As Chris and Casey reveal in this Rambo bike review, the biggest problem thus far with electric motors in use for hunting application is battery life. 19 miles is a far distance, but even when the power dies, you can still pedal, providing a solution to any potential problems a hunter may face.
The bike is loaded with features besides the motor making it not only an effective fat tire hunting bike, but a fun one as well!
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