Blackstone Griddle Grease Issue SOLVED – How to FIX Grease Drip – PRODUCT REVIEW – Everyday BBQ


Ok everyone… like I stated, the first one I got was not quite right. I emailed the company and they sent me a replacement very fast. This one fit and worked perfect! I want to make it clear that I paid for my part and I am not endorsing or recommending this for any monetary gain whatsoever. I paid for my part just like any other consumer would and I am giving an honest review based on all of that.


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Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone Griddle 5 Piece Cooking Tool Set

Also, here is the link to the first video I did when this problem arose. I also have some valuable information in the description of that video pertaining to other options that Blackstone recommended to me that did not work please check it out and read the information.

I hope you enjoy this review video and find the information useful to you. I did this for my viewers as well as myself and I certainly hope it helps many people solve this issue for safety reasons.

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